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 New Web-comic series. Character Profiles

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PostSubject: New Web-comic series. Character Profiles   Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:30 pm

So far I only have one done: Zach.

I'm going to start a Web-Comic series on DeviantART and Facebook that's about a dude (Zach), his Girlfriend (Beth), his Best Friend (Mark), and a bunch of made up people living amongst video game characters. The first Character Profile I'm doing is of the protagonist, Zach.

Zach is a video game addict. He lives surrounded by his favorite video game characters and a few other friends. He is nice, yet sarcastic, and can sometimes be a dick to people just for the hell of it. His girlfriend, Beth, as well as Dr. Pepper, are the only two things that keep him sane enough not to rip someones head off should he be annoyed. A good hug or a 12 pack of the Dr. P is enough for him to last about 2 hours or so. His arch nemesis, Hcaz (Hu-Kazz), only likes video games for the villains, as he is one himself.

Next I'll do Beth, his GF.
Oh yeah, and the actual comics won't be in color, just the Character Profiles.

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New Web-comic series. Character Profiles
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