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 Color's Ambitious Photo App Seeks

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Color's Ambitious Photo App Seeks Empty
PostSubject: Color's Ambitious Photo App Seeks   Color's Ambitious Photo App Seeks EmptySat Jul 23, 2011 6:38 am

Keeping your elastic network takes work, though; if you don't see a friend for a while, his or her pictures start to lose their color until that person eventually disappears from your network.

The result is that whenever you fire up the app, you can see what pictures are being taken around you, as well as the pictures friends in your elastic network are taking. Not only that, but the app will show you the pictures being taken by others within 100 feet of your friends. The app even has the ability to pull pictures that your friends took in the past, so long as you're standing in the same location in which the pictures were taken. Imagine visiting the Statue of Liberty and then being able to magically see your best friend's pictures from a different trip three year ago.

It's the ultimate voyeur app for those who simply want to know what's happening with their close friends or that cute neighbor that just happens to live next door.
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Color's Ambitious Photo App Seeks
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