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 Resident Evil 5 Review (Spoilers)

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Resident Evil 5 Review (Spoilers) Empty
PostSubject: Resident Evil 5 Review (Spoilers)   Resident Evil 5 Review (Spoilers) EmptySun Apr 12, 2009 7:50 pm

First off let me start off by saying that I enjoyed this game. It was a blast playing it.

Ok, let's just get down to the point. First off, let me state that usually in games there is one or two points in it which you just wish would get over with, thus the boring spots. This game did not have any parts, which I thought were brilliant.

The story goes as this, ever since the incident at Raccoon City and Umbrella Company falling, bioweapons are becoming a fad among terrorists. So thus, Chris Redfield(now buff) goes to the Kijuju Region of Africa to make sure a bioweapons deal does not go down. He meets up with Sheva(a so-called African woman. She sounds like a southern girl from the U.S. She does not sound african at all.) She is his new partner.

Soon they find out that Alpha Team(they went to the deal site early) were killed by a unknown monster. You are now sent there to try to find out what happened to Alpha Team. When you get there, you see it is a tentacle monster. After burning the crap out of it and killing it, you then see your helicopter help go down due to flying monsters which does not make sense. In the game, the best they can do is try to choke you. >_> a touch of realism would be helpful.

Then you go through and you find the site of the crash. You are then attacked by zombies on motorcycles....yah....well at least they get a point for creativity. Then you are saved by a african man who is the one who trained Sheva. Then Chris finds Intel that his old partner may still be alive....o..k....
quick question capcom, when is this plot going to be concurrent? Did you plan this out? Or was this stupidity here from the start? We never get info on the deal. It just comes off as lazy and really not well thought out to me.

So thus the plot quickly turns from bioweapons to finding Jill Valentine. So then, they go through jungle, savana, lakes, and factories to find Jill. While as well entertaining ideas of crazy villains with annoying voice acting and cheesey dialogue.

Then they find Jill with duh duh dahhhh....MATRIX MAN! he can fly, he can dodge bullets, and he can look cool in shades. It looks like he also took the blue pill!

After fighting mr.can't flipping die you have to rip a red metal thing off of Jill's chest which sort of looks like you are trying to grope her from the wrong angle....>_>

Then once you save her you find out that only you can prevent wildfires ugh i mean save the world. So thus, you must chase wesker and his "girlfriend" onto a boat and then she turns into a giant tentacle monster. After killing her with a laser from space, you must chase wesker onto a plane deck and give him a shot so that he can become weak again.

After injecting him, you chase him onto a plane for a scene of fighting him with quicktime button presses. GASP!!!!!! WHO WOULDA GUESSED?!?!?!

Then you crash the plane into a volcano, and he then rips into the tube of Uroburos and then turns into a odd tentacle monster himself....what the??

Then you can fight him, or simply just pull out the bazooka you found in the marshlands and fire at him and kill him in one shot. Then you beat the game....

Overall this game is meant to be played through multiple times. On your first time, I HIGHLY suggest you pick a gun you like and stick with it, upgrading it completely. Then you can purchase unlimited ammo from the bonus ammo. The game is much more fun the second time through with unlimited ammo. Blowing everything up is fun. >:3

Also, there is no multiplayer, unless you count the stupidity which is the dlc downloadable mode. >_> *cough*lame*cough*

The multiplayer is basically the single player with another person. They could of fixed this by making a better mode.

Also, the multiplayer is not good enough to make the game any more then a single player game.

Next off on the targeting list is the horrible control engine. That whole, "you can't fire will moving or swing your blade without moving" crap is USELESS! No, it does not build tension, No, it does not make it more of a challenge. I am one who could never watch the first dracula due to it scaring me and leaving me with nightmares. It is not scary. It is complete and utter Bull Crap!

This game, the only scary thing is the graphics. Also, with Sheva by your side, you feel more secure. So thus, I would say this is not survival horror, it is an adventure game...With zombies. lots and lots of zombies.

This game was also not scary, it was basically a action game with both a horrible control system(played on 360 mind you), and horrible movement things.

Now, by now you think I hate this game, but no I don't. I seriously thought for a while I was going to buy the game. If it wasn't for the horrible multiplayer, I would own this game. I SERIOUSLY love this game. But due to it not having something I can continue to play it for, I have no reason to buy it. Also, it wasn't advertised correctly. This is an action-adventure game. It is not scary, it is only creepy. In fact, Bioshock was at least 5 times scarier then this. They advertised it as a survival horror game and it wasn't. Don't go into this game expecting to be terrified. Go into it like it's an awesome action movie. You will have so much more fun.

Now for my scoring of the game.

Story-2(pitiful direction, not keeping with anything concurrent)
Fun Value-5
Replayability-3(play through multiple times to unlock everything. but after that, nothing special.)
Audio-3(some of the voice acting didn't match up, also it came off as cheesey. And when you go into a game expecting awesome action and horror, this is not needed.)
Total Score-19/30. Not good enough to buy, but good enough to rent and thoroughly enjoy the experience.

I didn't mean to tear this game apart, but I am just giving my honest opinion. In the future, if I find it for cheap, I will purchase the game, but otherwise, I will only rent it.
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Resident Evil 5 Review (Spoilers)
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